Rising Damp

Beadle Property Care Ltd specialises in diagnosing and remedying Rising Damp in buildings. The main causes of damp are Rising Damp, Penetrating Damp, Underground Water Ingress and Condensation. We will outline how to address them.

What is Rising Damp?

Rising Damp is simply dampness rising up from the ground that enters a structure by capillary action and can occur on any wall which is built into the ground. Rising Damp can be a common problem in older properties. If rising damp starts to affect timbers in contact with damp masonry this can cause timber decay such as Dry Rot. Most types of masonry used in the walls of buildings will allow some water movement by capillary action, however, this is usually controlled by a physical barrier or damp proof course. If this physical barrier is absent, has broken down or is damaged, then it is often possible to install a remedial damp proof course to control dampness rising from the ground. For your peace of mind, our damp proofing installation and diagnosis comply with British Standard BS6576 code of practice, for diagnosis of dampness in walls of buildings and installation of chemical damp proof courses.

When damp rises in a building, the plaster is often contaminated with salts. These salts are hygroscopic, meaning they absorb moisture from the air, further adding to the problem. This contamination will often result in a need for the plaster to be removed and replaced using specially formulated salt resistant plaster additive. If specialist re-plastering is required, our surveyors can advise which areas need attention.

Where there is a difference in floor heights or ground levels, appropriate recommendations will be provided which may include the provision of a vertical waterproof barrier.

Our experienced surveyors will carry out a survey on your property to diagnose the correct cause of dampness in your property. Following our survey, we provide a written report outlining the surveyor’s findings and recommendations/solutions tailored to your needs with an estimate for works where recommended.

Common signs to help identify Rising Damp

These defects are not always evident but when they are, a specialist inspection is always recommended.

It is extremely important the correct cause of the dampness is identified and understood, as a damp proof course will not cure other unrelated damp problems, such as condensation or penetrating dampness.


Crumbling/bubbling or salt stained plaster/peeling paint and wallpaper


Discolouration and staining to decoration


Decayed skirting boards


Decayed timber floors

What is involved in Rising Damp treatment?

Once rising damp has been diagnosed Beadle Property Care Ltd will provide a specification tailored to the individual property, including any maintenance issues which may be exacerbating damp problems. We are a specialist remedial treatment company, as such our specification for preparation and finishing work is designed to be undertaken by a competent builder under separate contract. The approach we use has been developed specifically to the construction methods used typical to Norfolk.

The installation of a chemical damp proof course by Beadle Property Care Ltd typically involves:

  • The removal of affected plaster/render and removal of skirting boards, this is done to our specification by your chosen builder under separate contract (as this is not work we undertake as a company).
  • Beadle Property Care Ltd’s experienced operatives then install the damp proof course which involves drilling into the bare/prepared wall at approximately 100mm intervals at internal floor level. This is usually done both internally and externally.
  • The pre-drilled holes are then injected with a damp proofing fluid.
  • Following the injection work, if re-plastering is carried out, this is to be undertaken by your chosen builder incorporating a salt inhibiting additive added to the plaster and supplied by us.

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As standard and in most cases, our work is covered by a 20-year guarantee. This is backed by a guarantee administered by Construction Guarantee Solutions Ltd.

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