Pre-purchase Remedial Damp and Timber Reports

What is a Remedial Damp and Timber Report?

When purchasing a property, mortgage lenders/building surveyors often ask for a Remedial Damp and Timber report so that you and they are aware of any underlying remedial issues, (rising damp, condensation, timber issues) that may be in the structure of the building. This is one of the most common specialist reports for older buildings and is often requested as part of the home buying process.

We carry out these surveys regularly and as full members of the Property Care Association, (PCA – formerly known as the BWPDA) we are able to provide a report that gives an accurate picture of any damp or timber issues within the property before purchase.

The cost of having a pre-purchase remedial damp and timber survey is dependent on size of the property and its location. We have set prices for our remedial damp and timber surveys. To discuss the cost of our damp surveys, please contact us. Once you have decided to go ahead with a survey, we are able to liaise directly with estate agents to facilitate a survey.

What goes into a Remedial Damp and Timber survey?

Depending on our instructions our typical Remedial Damp and Timber report includes:

  • Surveyors will survey the exterior of the property, identifying any potential defects that may lead to damp ingress or timber decay in the future­ from the chimney pot, roof and rainwater goods through to the external ground levels and the sub­floor ventilation of the property.
  • Our surveyor will establish if the property already has an existing damp proof course of any description.
  • The surveyor will also look out for high ground levels which may lead to a bridging of the damp proof course and potentially cause decay in any adjacent timbers.
  • Internally, ground floor walls are profiled for signs of dampness.
  • Throughout the survey, where carpets can easily be pulled back, timbers beneath will be inspected. Where we have permission from the home owner, floor boards may also be lifted where possible to examine the sub floor void and the condition of the timbers for signs of fungal decay (such as dry rot) or woodboring beetle infestation (such as woodworm).
  • The surveyor will also look into the roof void for signs of beetle infestation/decay.
  • The surveyor will then compile a full written report (including where necessary a sketch plan detailing work that needs to be carried out). Should you have any questions about the report, you will have the contact details for our surveyor who will answer any questions you may have.

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